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Closed for the winter

Welcome to Mammoth Lake Waterpark

Mammoth Lake Lake Jackson Texas


Mammoth Lake is the top scuba diving lake and water activities park in the Houston area. At 55 acres, Mammoth Lake is the largest scuba diving-specific lake in the U.S. and it is an underwater adventurer’s dream come true.

As a PADI Recreational Dive Facility, Mammoth Lake  provides a fun and safe place for scuba instructors to teach dive classes while also offering certified scuba divers a chance to explore the unique underwater world of the largest scuba diving lake in Texas.

Just an hour outside the hustle and bustle of Houston, Mammoth Lake offers year-round scuba diving and certifications in depths ranging from 20 to 61 feet. Throughout the year water temperatures range from a pleasant 85° in the summer to a cool 51° in the winter and visibility ranges from 10 to 30 feet. With more than 70 scuba diving wrecks sunk in Mammoth Lake, ranging from a military C-130 cargo plane, fire trucks, and the remnants of Houston’s famous theme park AstroWorld, there is no end to the scuba diving attractions for scuba divers to explore beneath the surface near Houston.

Don’t scuba dive?  No worries, kayakers, triathletes, Standup Paddleboards and anyone else who simply enjoys spending time near the water will find something to do at Mammoth Lake Scuba and Water Park.